About Us

Holiday Time is a company based in the UAE that specializes in the field of tourism and travel, It operates through its platforms through the website and call centers, as we are dedicated to delivering exceptional travel experiences to our valued customers and providing an enjoyable and high-quality travel experience that come to meet their needs We specialize in providing comprehensive travel services, catering to the diverse needs and expectations of tourists from UAE and around the world.



We offer a wide range of tourism services, including:

Travel tickets

We provide our customers with travel tickets to make the trip easier.



We offer our clients a large number of hotels all over the world.


Car rental

We provide cars for customers who want to rent a private car for themselves to enjoy their trip.



We provide transportation for customers to make the trip smoother and more enjoyable



We provide special tours for those who want to learn about and enjoy the tourist attractions.


Tourist holidays

Tourist holidays vary in length of stay, as they can be short holidays of one day or long holidays extending for several weeks. Everything from flights, hotel reservations and transportation are arranged


Tourist visas

We provide tourist visas to simplify procedures for travelers.


Cruise Trips

We offer a wonderful travel experience that allows travelers to explore the oceans and seas. Cruises feature various amenities and entertainment on board. Luxurious rooms and facilities such as restaurants, cafes and swimming pools are available. There are many cruise destinations around the world, where travelers can discover picturesque tropical islands, pristine sandy beaches, and quaint coastal towns.


Tourism programs in the UAE

We provide tours to the tourist attractions of the UAE.Group Tours: We organize group tours to popular destinations, allowing travellers to explore and discover new cultures together.


Adventure Tours

We offer thrilling adventure tours, such as trekking and water sports, catering to adrenaline enthusiasts seeking unforgettable moments.


Cultural Excursions

Our cultural excursions provide an opportunity to immerse in local traditions, festivals, and historical landmarks, making for an enriching travel experience.


Accommodation and Transportation

We arrange comfortable accommodations and reliable transportation, ensuring our customers have a hassle-free journey.


Guided Tours

Our professional and knowledgeable guides accompany travellers, providing insights into the local culture, history, and attractions.

Our Focus

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Holiday Time is creating its application soon

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Whether a hotel, apartment, NDC, or LCC flight you are looking at, you find them all in one platform with the best rates.

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Holiday time offers a very motivational and rewarding incentive plan.

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We are not just a provider, but a client friend, we help our clients to plan and book their travel based on their needs.


At Holiday Time, our mission is to create unforgettable memories for our clients and exceed their expectations. We strive to offer the highest customer service, personalized attention, and comprehensive travel solutions. We prioritize our customers by offering them ease, comfort, and various options for making hotel reservations with over one million hotels worldwide, as well as flights to thousands of destinations with over 500 airlines, in addition to full holiday packages. ” Holiday time ” is your first destination to plan a trip that exceeds your expectations, as we assign a special advisor to take care of all customers’ requirements with the smallest details, from flights and luxury hotel reservations to unique, exciting, and unforgettable experiences within the destinations, and documenting your moments until they are immortalized in memory




Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize customer satisfaction by understanding their requirements and delivering exceptional experiences.



We conduct our business with integrity, ethics, and transparency, earning the trust and respect of our clients and partners.



We continuously seek innovative approaches to enhance our services and provide unique travel experiences to our customers.



We promote sustainable tourism practices, respecting local communities and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.



We foster strong partnerships with local suppliers, hotels, and transportation providers to ensure high-quality services for our clients.


Superior hotel

A superior hotel and room mapping system with a portfolio of more than 800.000 worldwide hotels and apartments with more than 30,000 direct contacts


All-in-one booking system

Online Hotel Groups of up to 10 rooms, and Unique B2C ticketing System that compares 900+ regular and low-cost airlines. (700 plus regular airlines & 200 plus LCC)


Unique auxiliary services

The unique auxiliary services, health, and COVID insurance, Car hire, Meet and assist, and Baggage insurance.


Advance purchases

Advance purchases to facilitate exclusive rates, ensuring the best deals at hotels in demand.


Why Choose Us:

“We aim to provide an easy, enjoyable and high-quality travel experience while documenting moments of happiness”
Through Holiday time you can
Book hotels Across more than a million hotels around the world, and in more than 15,000 different destinations
Flight booking Through more than 500 airlines of different categories, tourist, business, and first-class
Extensive experience in the tourism industry.
Knowledgeable and multilingual guides.
Excellent customer service and attention to detail.
A wide range of travel options and destinations.
Dedicated to sustainability and responsible travel.